Autism and Fungi

This is intended to be used with reports from Thorne or Xenogene. A shotgun microbiome report is needed that reports Fungi. Most microbiome do not report fungi in detail.

Most microbiome reports use 16s technology that do not report on fungi. Fungi produces mycotoxins

Fungi are listed from lowest taxonomy level upwards.

CAUTION: Some test results may reflect foods (mushrooms) or supplements that you are consuming and could result in false high levels.

As a personal note, I am a high function autism; the first three years of my life I lived in an area known as “Asthma flats” and this early life exposure to high level of fungi may have been a factor for me.

Diagram from World Health Organization fungal priority pathogens list to guide research, development and public health action

Possible Medical Plants are covered in this article: A Review: Antifungal Potentials of Medicinal Plants [2015] . e.g. Garlic and other wonder herbs do not work on all fungi. 

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  1. Do you know if Thorne or Xenogene provide raw FASTQ files? I’m just a little skeptical of trusting these companies’ pipelines to generate abundance estimates without manual verification.

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