Top Microbiome Providers with Discount Codes

There are three providers that provide files that will upload (or transfer to my site) for further analysis:

  • Nirvana – the newest kid on the block. They use CosmosId. Discount Code: prescript15 – 15% Discount. They report includes virii and fungii and candida, while more expensive — for troublesome conditions, it is good to have these additional areas covered. They have a special interest in Autism.
  • – a newer kid that is working hard to add features and improve their offerings. Discount Code: Micro (£60 off ) . Alternative discount from Gut Club : THEGUTCLUB50 (33%)
    • Special 50% off until end of January: Discount code is JAN50
    • Special interest in Autoimmune Conditions (they publish studies).
    • UK based and preferred for Europeans (Avoids duties and shipping costs issues reported with Nirvana and Thryve)
    • Free shipping to USA
    • They have a special skin autoimmune study kit for £50
  • Thryve Inside – the kid that replaced the disappearance of Gut Club has current discount code: THEGUTCLUB15  for at 15% discount (direct email from Thryve)
The quantity of information expected from different providers. Latest Numbers.

American Gut is not recommended (similar costs but fewer bacteria reported).