DNA aspect of Autism

This is a current state of the art reference post. My focus is on the microbiome and DNA comes into that scope. Both the microbiome and dna are inherited to various extents. Over generations the microbiome adapts to the host’s DNA – a complex balancing act between metabolites, enzymes and other chemicals. A microbiome dysfunction is conceptually easier to fix than DNA (at least at the moment). For example, variation of dopaminergic pathway genes impact both dopamine levels and potentially the microbiome[2020]

I will just give one citation for each SNP (Dna part or gene). Ideally, someone has or will create a site where a child’s DNA (from 23and me etc) could be checked for which mutations are involved.

  • truncating:
  • recessive deleterious variants:
  • synaptic plasticity, 

There are more being added every year (For current studies). A child with autism will not have all of these, but rather some combination that pushes matters over a threshold. Each combination will likely have different labs and symptoms (and different “best” treatment).

Using the microbiome approach, my hope is that we can see the net effect on the microbiome and thus have some hope for compensating.

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