A model for aggressive response to some substances

Any ideas why olive oil would cause severe aggression tantrums?

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This is an interesting question.. When I see “severe aggression tantrums”, my mind goes to hypoxia (shortage of oxygen delivery to the brain).

The most significant impact of short-term memory loss for a person with hypoxia is that it impairs the ability to retain and recall new or unfamiliar information. Behavioural changes. The person may become more verbally and physically aggressive. They may also have issues with disinhibition

Hypoxia – – common causes, symptoms and treatment

I know that  olea europaea (olive leaf)   is an antimicrobial, that is, it kills off various bacteria and thus could result in Jarisch Herxheimer Reaction (Herx). Many of the symptoms associated with a herx could be explained from hypoxia. This is cited in the literature [Recurrent Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction: case report 2013].

Olive Oil does not have this reputation. When I checked the known impact of Olive Oil, I see that it increases Bilophila which is reported to increase cognitive impairment [2021], cognitive impairment is strongly associated with hypoxia. Olive Oil also decreases/inhibits/kills Prevotella bivia, Prevotella intermedia,Prevotella melaninogenica,Prevotella oris,Prevotella timonensis and Prevotella buccalis. A common by-product of a bacteria being inhibited is a dumping of toxins into the body, triggering inflammation (thus narrowing blood vessels and reducing oxygen delivery).

A continuous monitoring with a Saturated O2 monitor may reveal this shift (it may not, if the inflammation is in the brain — the monitor is unlikely to record it). For myself, I use a relatively cheap smart watch that records SO2 every 10-15 minutes as part of my normal proactive health monitoring, see Monitoring watch for CFS and other Conditions.

This is just a model, with some ability to check the mechanism.

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