Lactic Acid Acidosis and Autism

Today I had a conversation with the parent of an autistic child. I have seen this pattern with other ASD children: High levels of lactobacillus and thus lactic acid production.

The test was done by Thryve, who bizarrely recommend Lactobacillus Probiotics….

Consequences of lactic acid production

I have had to deal with lactic acid acidosis with ME/CFS which often results in issues such as:

  • Slow memory processing speed
  • Poor memory
  • Poor executive decision / loss of focus

These are also reported with some autistic children. From the literature we see:

What can be done?

For more details see these older posts on my other blog.

Bottom Line

My suggestions (to be discussed with your medical professionals):

For a list of foods that decreases or increases Lactobacillus, go to the bottom of this page and type “food” in the filter. Click Effect until you get it in decreasing order.

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